Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Confession Again.

In silence does he come unto thy feet
For his own words cannot be held to truth.
He weeps and shudders, and falls to his knees,
Kneeling and groveling, fears of thy Truth.

Eyes gaze downward as his head lowers more
And his sins so recent, the blood still warm.
How can thou forgivest this very one
Who brings thee only this scourge of thine harm.

I confess to Thee that it was but I
Who hath whipped and strucketh thee just now.
If it was not for my loss of control
I would only stuck thee once for the show.

It is my fault, I am to blame for this.
But Thou dost place a hand upon my sorrow.
I am Thine to crush or bless at Thy whim.
But I fear I shall strike Thee tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Needing Help's a Bitch.

So Sympathy ain't my specialty
and don't come crying to this empt' well.
Let none who thirst come down o'er hill trodd'nly
to fetch some waters for their cattle

Prideful bulls and content cows that go gnaw.
one tip of one teen prank they fall and groan
wailing, moaning about the clear cut lawn
because they fail to stand up on their own.

Expect me to help you, now then do you?
By heav'n I hope I get a tip for work
But I guess some righteous help is ado
and pacing and watching makes me a jerk

I so do care, I bleed for you, honest
You see the tears on my coat collar back?
I shed those for you but did not near fest
because then self control I'd surely lack.

I'll help you up if you will stride forward
or 'tleast stand on your own a little while
So either march and cross your river Jord'n
Or lie and drown your mis'ry in denile.

After-Grad Party Goodbye.

(This one is about six years old, so it is very ancient and not a good reflection of my current form or mood.)

Music and cheers flutters to our ears,
Drinks pass and pour to our mouths,
Food and treates fall to our stomachs,
Words and laughs escape from our lips,

We all dwell on our lives here
We all remember the good ol' days
We all want to stay here
We all want to see our friends each day
We all sit here and hold on dearly
We all stand around and not take a step forward

Who'd blame us for this nostalgia?
Not I, nor he, nor she.
But are we not meant to live
Are we not meant to love, to learn, to keep moving.
We have finished, we have a new course to run.
We will miss eachother dearly, but life moves on.

Let us never forget, but we cannot dwell too long.
It's over, it's gone, time to leave senior high.
Our new lives are waiting, take hold, grab on.
Let us all, for the last time, say goodbye.

An Unexpected Visitor

The view of silken layer of white ice
Can give a comfort in a chilling glance
That autos and alleys been cover'd twice
By the first Throne of Heaven's favor'd chance

Lunar mistress be my light this ev'ning.
Lead our fishers, foragers, freemen.
For the Winter Rose knows not her going.
Was it not ago 'way with her we send?

Wolves howl your long call to her arms of love,
Uninvited she is but still a guest
Gather round the fires under snow clouds above.
Let her tell of her early return jest.

She pulls over her blanket, tucks me in,
The story of Winter's King she does tell.
But before I drift, in my bed thinking,
"Why of all times is it winter'n April?"

Bitter sweet victory.

Let us make our stand on this field of heaps
And let the bodies find graves 'neath our steps.
And raise the banners high, comrades! Onward!
Let us make war upon the Prideful Dead!

So is the heroes calling, and ever
Is it heeded for the masses fortune.
But after four die and three left half-dead,
Our hero sets himself 'side from winners.

He moves onward, westward, and upward now,
Prospecting a home to lay and live/die.
No lost lover to share each sunset with.
Just another mission to sacrifice.

What possesses a soul to take this sword?
The answer is simple, and difficult.
For a man will gladly hang by his hands
So that none others will ever have to.

Ode to Raphael's Aide, and the like.

Please just let me wonder onward by'n by,
Eastward beyond the scarr'd woods'n cold seashore
That raft of ice or steed of strength to try
And ride to rising red sun set before.

I recall rememb'ring readings of rights
And other such fanciful fairy things.
But fairies fare not fairly those blood nights
Jerusalem had more welcoming kings.

To the East an East Star Luminates Dawn.
The journey's end to bring forth to adieu.
Let me go and sing the sorrowful song
It will only last for a mass or two.

Recall me well, in song or in sadness
Or satire, something a bit more bright
Just don't cry too long, I am not long gone
For heaven will be a guest by tonight.

Time to Pay Up.

There sounds a low thunder in the distance
Upon the sands of wanderers and kings.
Shaking fault-line, phone-tower, tax-cars,
And all the stable, stone, and faithful things.

There's a place called Market that's seen better days,
And a square in town where markets must close,
For we must fear the loss of numbers green-gold.
"Forget the lightning. What threat does it pose?"

The habits of the healthy heal not home.
And the homeless go marching: conscripting.
Here come Homeless Habits with healing hearts
"Alms for poor? For yourselves?" They cry: begging.

There shines a dim lightning beyond the sea,
To brighten stairs of saw-dust and silver.
The Kingdom demands taxes: blood and sweat.
And debts best be payed or justice delivered.

Enough with the Nostalgia.

I remember coffee shops, coble stones, and cigarrettes passed around.
An occasional tear, and occasional stare, and laughs on and on.

Hang around some hang-outs we did and we lived,
We were young once and simply loved and laughed.

Do you remember me? Do I know you?
Let me set a catch-up date or two.

We ran down College Ave, blissful and regretful.
And then rode down College Highway, distant and painful.

Where once was a coffee mug now rests a beer tankard,
Where once was a cigarrette now rests a pipe.
Where once I thought of bands, jokes, and pranks,
Now all left is memories and stale tunes.

And I look up in joy for tomorrow.
Because I am delusional I guess.
But I did not expect such good times before.
When I had to leave my Kindergarten class.