Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enough with the Nostalgia.

I remember coffee shops, coble stones, and cigarrettes passed around.
An occasional tear, and occasional stare, and laughs on and on.

Hang around some hang-outs we did and we lived,
We were young once and simply loved and laughed.

Do you remember me? Do I know you?
Let me set a catch-up date or two.

We ran down College Ave, blissful and regretful.
And then rode down College Highway, distant and painful.

Where once was a coffee mug now rests a beer tankard,
Where once was a cigarrette now rests a pipe.
Where once I thought of bands, jokes, and pranks,
Now all left is memories and stale tunes.

And I look up in joy for tomorrow.
Because I am delusional I guess.
But I did not expect such good times before.
When I had to leave my Kindergarten class.

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