Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After-Grad Party Goodbye.

(This one is about six years old, so it is very ancient and not a good reflection of my current form or mood.)

Music and cheers flutters to our ears,
Drinks pass and pour to our mouths,
Food and treates fall to our stomachs,
Words and laughs escape from our lips,

We all dwell on our lives here
We all remember the good ol' days
We all want to stay here
We all want to see our friends each day
We all sit here and hold on dearly
We all stand around and not take a step forward

Who'd blame us for this nostalgia?
Not I, nor he, nor she.
But are we not meant to live
Are we not meant to love, to learn, to keep moving.
We have finished, we have a new course to run.
We will miss eachother dearly, but life moves on.

Let us never forget, but we cannot dwell too long.
It's over, it's gone, time to leave senior high.
Our new lives are waiting, take hold, grab on.
Let us all, for the last time, say goodbye.

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