Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Needing Help's a Bitch.

So Sympathy ain't my specialty
and don't come crying to this empt' well.
Let none who thirst come down o'er hill trodd'nly
to fetch some waters for their cattle

Prideful bulls and content cows that go gnaw.
one tip of one teen prank they fall and groan
wailing, moaning about the clear cut lawn
because they fail to stand up on their own.

Expect me to help you, now then do you?
By heav'n I hope I get a tip for work
But I guess some righteous help is ado
and pacing and watching makes me a jerk

I so do care, I bleed for you, honest
You see the tears on my coat collar back?
I shed those for you but did not near fest
because then self control I'd surely lack.

I'll help you up if you will stride forward
or 'tleast stand on your own a little while
So either march and cross your river Jord'n
Or lie and drown your mis'ry in denile.

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