Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ode to Raphael's Aide, and the like.

Please just let me wonder onward by'n by,
Eastward beyond the scarr'd woods'n cold seashore
That raft of ice or steed of strength to try
And ride to rising red sun set before.

I recall rememb'ring readings of rights
And other such fanciful fairy things.
But fairies fare not fairly those blood nights
Jerusalem had more welcoming kings.

To the East an East Star Luminates Dawn.
The journey's end to bring forth to adieu.
Let me go and sing the sorrowful song
It will only last for a mass or two.

Recall me well, in song or in sadness
Or satire, something a bit more bright
Just don't cry too long, I am not long gone
For heaven will be a guest by tonight.

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