Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Unexpected Visitor

The view of silken layer of white ice
Can give a comfort in a chilling glance
That autos and alleys been cover'd twice
By the first Throne of Heaven's favor'd chance

Lunar mistress be my light this ev'ning.
Lead our fishers, foragers, freemen.
For the Winter Rose knows not her going.
Was it not ago 'way with her we send?

Wolves howl your long call to her arms of love,
Uninvited she is but still a guest
Gather round the fires under snow clouds above.
Let her tell of her early return jest.

She pulls over her blanket, tucks me in,
The story of Winter's King she does tell.
But before I drift, in my bed thinking,
"Why of all times is it winter'n April?"

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